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Vintage – 70/80s College jacket

Vintage – 70/80s College jacket

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Vintage, 70s/80s college jacket. Made of wool with leather details. Patch detail and allover embroidery. Button front fastening. Size 44EU.


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In the streetwear section, a wide selection of clothing and accessories belonging to the vintage world. A concept of style combined with eco-sustainability. We look at the fashion world without, however, forgetting the importance of preserving our planet. We live in style but with a green perspective. Millesime was born in 1997 from the vision of its founder, Francesco Esposito, who immediately understood the importance of the cycle of rebirth of the garment. A bit like Heraclitus, nothing is created, nothing is destroyed but everything is transformed, the owner's thought has always been this: to give prestige to the world of fashion by making the garments live more lives, one distinct from the other over the period of time but identical in quality and expression of the wearer. In this section, you will find functional but aesthetic garments that have made the history of the fashion system, which have given an extra touch to streetwear collections. Sweatshirts, jackets, t-shirts and much more ready to tell past stories that still today are very topical, thanks to the particularity of the details and the preciousness of the materials. The importance of uniqueness also lies in the imperfections that can be found. An aesthetic of the error, a praise of the defect that emphasize the history of the product. A garment that has already had a life, already a history but who is ready to come back and take part in a new future that it was thought could not live, in which it will certainly be the protagonist thanks to its uniqueness and its post contemporaneity. . Choose to re-use is no more than a slogan, it is a philosophy of mind and daily life.

Vintage – 70/80s College jacket

  • Label: Vintage
  • Composition: wool, leather







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